New Arden Street Precinct

A new urban regeneration precinct, located in North Melbourne, dubbed the “Arden Street Precinct” (just outside the Melbourne CDB) has been given the blessing by the Melbourne city council in conjunction with the state government. It is to be partly funded through value capital and is projected to accommodate over 15,000 new residents and create around 34,000 jobs over the next three decades.

arden street precinct

The 56 hectare precinct is being leveraged off the $11 billion new metro rail project that is intended to upgrade Melbourne’s ageing rail network. The upgrade, which consists of new tunnels being developed underneath the city, will help ease the congestion as more and more commuters opt to use the rail network each day.

Arden Street itself is to be one of the beneficiaries of one of these underground train stations.

The government will have a greater degree of control over this new precinct because the land is held by VicTrack or local government.

I am hoping that the delivery authority of the Victorian Government will leverage from the experience and lessons learnt from Docklands. In my opinion I believe the most qualified and experienced government group to deliver this historical project is Places Victoria chaired by Tony Di Domenico and led by CEO Gregory Anderson who has a long history in planning and property development, both in Government and the private sector.

They can demonstrate the prowess of improved planning controls and precincts that support future communities.

arden street development

“The beauty of Arden is that this land is owned ostensibly by the state government so we can plan for it in a systematic way and in way that is going to reap long term benefits for Melbournians,” said Planning Minister Richard Wynne on Thursday.

It is hoped that permits for residential towers of up to 15 storeys will be possible around the new proposed station at the Arden precinct, something that is becoming more and more necessary as the city struggles to accommodate its annual increase in population.

New policies from the state government, such as making Punt Road a perpetual clearway, are all knee-jerk reactions to save a city that is very quickly strangling itself on its main arterial roads due to an increase in on-road traffic.

Forethought and planning for new developments such as this one, are imperative for Melbourne’s long-term sustainability, and its vision to be seen as a global leader in urban innovation.

As the city’s population continues to swell, buoyed by the “world’s most liveable city” title, developments like Arden will ensure Melbourne remains on top of its urban growth projections.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle is enthusiastic, conceding that the metro rail into the area was different from the Docklands and Fisherman’s Bend integrations, where infrastructure had to be “retrofitted”.

He went on the say that this new development is “the blueprint for good urban renewal around the world,”

arden street proposed development

This blueprint begins with the hard infrastructure, such as the foundations of the buildings and the transportation planning and integration. The community infrastructure that follows thereafter will give rise to an increase in jobs and an eventual uptake in residential lodgings