About Vito Chiodo

Vito Chiodo is a corporate real estate and property specialist with over 25 years experience in the industry.

Specifically, he has worked in the following areas.

  • Managed rationalising and transforming major property portfolios
  • Developed and implemented transformative property portfolio strategies which maximise revenue, reduce costs, improve service levels and drive cultural change and creation of shareholder value
  • Run competition tender processes for the outsourcing of property services and facilities management services and administering outsourced services providers to deliver outstanding service levels
  • Run major procurement and real estate development projects from planning to delivery
  • Managed supply chain procurement
  • Led property deliverables relating to business acquisitions and divestments.

Vito Chiodo has extensive core property expertise including demonstrative strategy development, finance, commercial, construction project management and operational skills.

He has a proven track record of building and leading multi-disciplinary, high performance teams and developing strategic alliances that have efficiently managed stakeholder interests across a diverse range of projects building effective working relationships across all level.

He has a firm passion for customer service, and operates with the highest levels of integrity.

Primarily, Vito Chiodo focuses on the following areas:

  • Managing geographically diverse property portfolios to optimise returns across diverse industry sectors including the banking, mining and telecommunications sectors.
  • Building and leading multi-disciplinary teams of internal personnel and external consultants
  • Managing multi property development projects simultaneously
  • Managing multi-million-dollar property, capital and divestment programs
  • Undertaking complex feasibility studies and making board presentations on key investment decisions and strategic direction
  • Demonstrated excellence in the commercialization of property assets and business decisions
  • Outstanding property and execution experience
  • Demonstrated excellence and significant office design knowledge working with IT and technology experts on emerging and proven mobility technology within the workplace
  • Leading Property business support for business acquisitions and divestments

By building effective strategic alliances and leveraging the appropriate networks, Vito is able able to bring a dynamic, energy and pace to the projects being undertaken. His passion for building a winning team that is continuously striving for improvement is the core value of his management philosophy.

Vito’s employment history over the last 25 years includes the following:

  • National Property & Group Executive – Schiavello Group, August 2015 – Current
  • General Manager Commercial – Walker Corporation, 2014
  • Director – Telstra Property, Australia & International, Telstra, 2008 – 2013
  • General Manager – Group Property, Telstra, 2003 – 2008
  • Head of Property, BHP Billiton, 1999 – 2003
  • Property Manager, BHP Billiton, 1996 – 1999
  • Property Manager, Human Resources Manager, Commonwealth Bank /State Bank of Victoria, 1984 – 1996

National Property & Group Executive Schiavello Group August 2015 – current

“This diverse senior management position has primary accountability for the establishment and delivery for the group property asset management and development program along with financial management and daily operational responsibilities associated with a multi-tenanted diverse portfolio.

One of my core roles has been to set a strategic policy and framework to develop annual performance and financial management plans demonstrating maximum return on investments whilst managing and minimising risks positioning the portfolio to best capture market trends and opportunities

Overall group-wide strategic procurement and supply chain management responsible for working across the group to identify opportunities and lead a team of people across the business to deliver on improved supply chain solutions, quality, cost and time deliverables in all categories of organisational expenditure and revenue.

It is my responsibility to forge, maintain and develop ongoing federal, state and local government relationships harnessing bi partisan lateral relationships at all levels of government.”

General Manager Commercial – Walker Corporation, 2014

Vito’s role was overall accountability for the Collins Square development. Primary responsibility was to oversee the development of the complex both retail and commercial, leasing and property management of existing building’s and tenant relationships.

Director – Telstra Property, Australia & International, Telstra, 2008 – 2013

The responsibility here was for Telstra’s property portfolio comprising approximately 15,500 diverse properties across Australia. In addition, overseeing and signing off responsibilities for Telstra’s International office portfolio leases.

He also led the acquisition and divestment of property assets across Australia and in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, the UK, USA and New Zealand and was lead property champion for all business acquisitions and divestments.

Vito also, managed and coached a large group of property specialists, strategic, tactical & operational partners, service providers and consultants across a range of property- related disciplines, (including legal, planning, design, engineering, construction) focussed on delivering superior results aligned to the organisation strategic imperatives and exceptional customer service

The financial responsibility for this property portfolio was $2.2Billion

 Vito Chiodo